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"Providing Sign Language Interpreting,

Tactile Interpreting, and Educational Services."

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” - Will Durant  


Felicia Douglas, a Nashville, TN native, is an American Sign Language (ASL), Provisional Licensed Interpreter who has interpreted for the education, religious, Video Relay Service (VRS), and community sectors since 2009. Felicia’s passion for assisting the Deaf by being their advocate and helping bridge the gap for equal access, prompted her to start Equivalent Communications, LLC in 2021.

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"Mrs. Felicia taught my 8-year-old daughter American Sign Language. My daughter's first class was amazing. Mrs. Felicia was extremely organized and professional. She created a fun learning experience for my daughter, who is very excited to continue to learn from Mrs. Felicia. She is flexible and very accommodating to our schedule. As homeschool parents, we really appreciate that Mrs. Felicia provides a very detailed and structured course, which includes pop quizzes, homework, reading materials, and many other resources that are all provided in her syllabus. This makes tracking grades, progress and work very easy for homeschool parents. We're very excited to continue to work with Mrs. Felicia!!!



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